Other Writing

A selection of David’s articles, with links where available:

Richard III and Scotland, The Ricardian Bulletin (September 2017)

The Battle of Falkirk, 1298 (May 2017)

Scottish Migration to England in the Fifteenth Century, The Ricardian Bulletin (December 2016)

Sir William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke: Edward IV’s ‘Master Lock’ (August 2016)

Son of York: The Early Military Career of Edward IV, Medieval Warfare, V:3 (2015)

The Battle of Barnet, 1471 (October 2012)

The Life and Brief Reign of Edward V, in Richard III: Friends and Foes, ed. J. Ricca (Las Vegas, 2011)

‘Puttyng Downe and Rebuking of Vices’: Richard III and the Proclamation for the Reform of Morals, in Medieval Sexuality: A Casebook, ed. C. Proctor and A.S. Harper (London, 2008)

The Northern Achilles? The Representation of Sir Henry Percy, called Hotspur, in some Literary and Narrative Sources, printed in three parts in The Medelai Gazette (March-November 2002)