Reflections of the Yorkist Realm

Reflections of the Yorkist Realm is a website created by David Santiuste and photographer Rae Tan. It features images of places associated with the Yorkist period of English history (the late fifteenth century), together with complementary text.

The Yorkist perioKirby Muxloed is best known for the Wars of the Roses, but Rae and David have also chosen locations that can be linked to more peaceful aspects of the time, such as religious life and trade. Other places have been singled out because of their connections with important individuals, including Richard III.

Rae’s photographs are striking images, filled with drama. David uses the photographs as starting points for brief discussions of each of the chosen locations, drawing out the stories of the people who knew them. With the combination of Rae’s images and David’s words, this is a unique interpretation of the medieval heritage.