David has given talks on various aspects of late medieval history. Previous speaking engagements have included (among others) talks at events organised by Fife Pilgrim Way and the Richard III Society, as well as a stint as a guest expert for Alison Weir Tours.

Please contact David via this website if you would like him to contribute to your programme or event. He currently offers talks on the following topics:

Edward IV: Warrior King
An overview of Edward’s military career. This talk explains how Edward achieved so many victories in the Wars of the Roses, while also considering why he was unable to repeat this success in France.

The Hammer of the Scots: Edward I and Scotland
A talk on Edward I’s attempts to subjugate Scotland, considering his motives, the nature of the ensuing conflict, and the reasons why he ultimately failed.

Peaceful Aspects of Medieval Anglo-Scottish Relations
England and Scotland were officially at war for much of the Middle Ages, but there were extensive periods of truce that allowed for more constructive interactions. Focusing on the late medieval period, this talk covers topics such as migration, trade and connections via the arts.

Richard III: Reformer of Morals?
In October 1483 Richard issued the fascinating ‘Proclamation for the Reform of Morals’, which denounces his enemies on the basis of their sexual behaviour. David reflects on what this might tell us about Richard himself, while also placing the document within a broader historical context.

Pilgrimage in Late Medieval Scotland
An accessible introduction to the subject, exploring various aspects of the pilgrim experience. This talk involves discussion of a wide range of sources, including texts, contemporary images and archaeological remains.