David has given talks for various groups and organisations, including the Richard III Society and Fife Coast & Countryside Trust. He has also featured as a guest speaker on historical tours.

Please contact David via this website if you would like him to contribute to your programme or event. Potential talks include the following:

Like Father and Son? Warwick ‘the Kingmaker’ and Edward IV
The chronicler Commines believed the Earl of Warwick was like a ‘father’ to Edward IV, but was this really the case? This talk outlines the development of their complex relationship, which was a vital factor during the Wars of the Roses.

Anglo-Scottish Relations in the Age of Richard III
An overview of Anglo-Scottish relations during the late fifteenth century. David provides a clear explanation of major political events (including Richard’s invasion of Scotland in 1482), but he also takes a broader view, considering topics such as literature, migration and trade.

Pilgrimage in Late Medieval Scotland
An accessible introduction to the subject, exploring various aspects of the pilgrim experience. This is a well-illustrated talk, involving discussion of a wide range of sources (including texts, contemporary images and archaeological remains).